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In what kind of atmosphere might children thrive? At Red Mountain Community School, we work toward…

A place where the atmosphere is unhurried, full, and free…

…where children have space to initiate and explore, and have time to enter into relationships with the material, with their local geography, and with people.  We hope that such a place will draw forth a child’s innate desire to know.

A place designed for the children’s sake…

…where learners are loved and engaged, safe and intrigued. It is our observation that when learning is birthed in wonder and delight, it is accompanied by dedicated study. It is our hope that this love of learning will nurture the student in all areas of his personhood: mind, will, emotion, and spirit.

A place where a true knowledge is a caring one…

…where a learner becomes humble in his/her posture, responsive to the other, and where knowledge benefits and enriches the life of the learner. It is our hope that our students will not only be equipped for their future work but will have gained habits and skills for a “life well lived.”

A place where the way of learning is a significant as the content of learning…

…where principles and practices are inseparable, and learning is for its own sake. “The highest reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets for it but what he becomes by it.”  (John Ruskin).  It is our hope that by offering a broad and abundant feast of curriculum, and by recognizing the personhood of each child, that their great appetites for all types of knowing will be protected and nourished.


We would love to introduce you to our little school. If after perusing our material you are curious about RMCS, please call us at 205.218.4965 to make an appointment to visit.   We offer several Samplings throughout the school year, each including a tour of the school and lunch.