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Informing Ideas


We believe that the child is born a person.  Because of this we seek to protect and stimulate the intrinsic desire instilled in each child.  Learning is its own reward.

We desire to be a place where the whole child is welcome and inspired to learn, and believe that an atmosphere fitting for a child must be hospitable to the whole person, mind, desire and will.  We value simplicity, hospitality and an unhurried posture in creating an atmosphere for learning.

‘A liberal education for all’ is our motto, and we call our rich and broad curriculum a ‘living feast.’

We believe in a differentiated approach to instruction, which involves recognizing each student’s varying background knowledge, readiness, language preferences, learning interests , and then responding to them.

We are a school that reflects our location, demonstrating diversity of all kinds.  We have intentionally chosen to place our school in downtown Birmingham, believing that if people are to live in the city, they will need a place to educate their children in the city.



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205.218.4965 (school phone) //

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Red Mountain Community School
P. O. Box 55973
Birmingham, Al 35255